Tech Support – 25 Weeks

You know how they offer classes at the hospital to get you ready for childbirth? I think I need one at my house to help me figure out all this baby stuff. Last night, Baby Fowler got an awesome gift–the amazing stroller that I registered for several weeks ago. I was really excited, and took it out of the box immediately. By the end of the night (about 3 hours later), I had figured out how to open and close it. That’s it. Open. And. Close. Call me crazy, but it should have been easy right? I still need to figure out how to add the extra cushioning for newborns, recline the seat…I’m lucky I still have a couple of months. It might take me that long.

One thought on “Tech Support – 25 Weeks

  1. Melissa says:

    baby stuff is SOO intimidating and i remember not knowing what to do with SOO many things. so i basically kept everything put away until i actually needed it and then magically i figured it out quickly when i REALLY needed it…lol. i can recall trying to assemble the diaper genie and i was SOO frustrated and gave up for a couple months. now its a piece of cake! 😉 you'll get it together, i promise. don't forget you are suffering from prego “baby brain” right now too. i am here if you need me. 🙂 XOXO!! melissa

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