Busted – 32 Weeks

Yep, I said 32 weeks. That means that, in theory, this little guy could decide to show up in about a month (but hopefully closer to two). Everyone’s first question: Are you ready? My answer: Not at all. But how can you be? There’s no way to practice giving birth or raising another person.

We have a crib built, so that’s something. Otherwise, though, his room is still looking a little bit like a storage unit–my husband’s bike, a few boxes still lingering after the move, and about a zillion baby things that we’ve accumulated over the past few months (and I still have one more baby shower to go!).

I know; we need to get it together! My husband has been working non-stop, which is great, but makes motivating myself to work in there all the harder. Must. Finish. Nursery.

Here’s what we’re working with:

We also have one of my favorite pieces of furniture: a table we used to have in the entryway, now topped by my husband’s beloved fish tank (which will double as a night light). Add a few shelves like the one below and a few pieces of cute art, and we’re good to go.
Now to actually do it….

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