Welcome Miles!

There he is. Miles Fowler.

Born 12/29/11 at 12:08pm
19 in long, 6lbs 6oz — just like his mom was!

While the day Miles was born certainly marked a new beginning for both David and I…so does today. After having him home for a couple of weeks, I’ve quickly come to realize that there are good days and bad days, nights that I get to sleep some and others when I have to rock him for hours on end. That was all to be expected, but it definitely didn’t get real until our first few nights at home.

So, what changed today? Today it finally clicked that, even though making sure Miles is happy and healthy is a top priority, I have to take care of myself first. What I mean is, if I’m perpetually stressed, unable to shower or eat or get dressed, I won’t be in the condition I need to be to give the little man what he needs.

Part of this realization is getting back to blogging. I’ve already learned so much about myself and mommy-hood and it’s only been two weeks. Rather than being a shut-in, why not get it all out there? If writing makes me feel better, maybe reading will make some other new mom feel better.


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