Where have YOU been?

Well, I’ve been busy with one now-three-month-old baby boy. People are always saying how quickly time goes by with a kid, and they were not kidding. Ironically enough, it’s only now that I’m back at work that I feel like I have a few minutes to spare to start posting again.

An update…

Like I said before, Miles is three months old now. And I’m pretty sure he’s the smartest and most handsome baby there ever was. Wait, what? All moms think that? I don’t believe it. He’s looking more and more like his daddy–which I love–and he’s always smiling and laughing and “talking”…unless he’s tired. Other than hunger or an uncomfortably full diaper, he really only cries when he gets tired. Again, just like his daddy, I think he’s just scared he’ll miss something if he falls asleep.

He loves his mobile and toys with bright colors, doesn’t mind when his brother (our dog, Barney) licks his toes, and is apparently growing at astronomical rates (3 inches since last month alone). Most importantly, I love him…a lot.

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