Everyone knows that a baby is bound to get sick at some point, and I’m fairly certain that every mother dreads that day. Well, here we are.

Since about a week ago, Miles had been having a little eye goop, which we chalked up to the change in temperature and maybe a little allergy. But it all went downhill after our little trip to the Capitol. After two later than normal nights, one of which in a strange (to him) hotel room, I think he just couldn’t fight it any longer.

Yesterday was the climax. He was cranky, with a cough, runny nose, and low fever. He seems to be doing better already this morning, and Daddy stayed home with him just in case. Miles might only be three and half months old, but he’s a tough kid.

For any parents out there newer than me, who notice similar symptoms in their babies…

(to release some of the yuck) + (for me and for him) + (see previous) = (and in turn, happy mommy)

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