Baby Stylist

Did you ever see that episode of Friends, when Rachel’s sister Amy decides that she’s going to be a baby stylist after getting baby Emma’s ears pierced? If not, season 10, episode 5–get on that.

Anyway, I thought of that episode this morning as I was getting Miles ready for the sitter. He needed to put socks on, but I couldn’t find any that matched his outfit. Uh… I don’t think anyone cares if my three month old is wearing socks that don’t match what he’s wearing, but for some reason I do.

I ended up going with these instead:

Cute, right? My sister got them for him before he was born, and we were worried that it would get too hot before they’d fit him. But alas, NYC weather has been so fickle lately that he got his chance after all.

The moral of the story is this: Miles couldn’t care less what he’s wearing, and the odds of running into anyone who would in the one block between our house and the sitter’s are pretty slim. Save the style for the weekends. Or at least that what I’ll keep telling myself.

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