The Early Bird

Last night, Miles slept from 7:45pm all the way until around 4:30 this morning, which is incredible! The downside? After that 5am bottle, little man was wide awake and ready to start his day. Unfortunately, I was  not.

Normally, after an early morning bottle, we can burp him and put him back in his crib for another couple of hours. Not today, folks. As I was rocking and trying to lull him back to sleep, I looked down to find him totally wide-eyed with a huge smile on his face. I can’t really be mad at that.

So, I laid him down in his crib, pulled up a chair, and played for a while. I’m SO tired as I type this, but I know it’s moments like those I’ll miss later on. But maybe tomorrow playtime can start around 8?

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