Happy Hour

I remember when those words would conjure up images of wine or margaritas with friends after work. Not so much these days. Now when I think “happy hour” I think about that one precious hour I get with Miles on weekdays.

Normally, this is the evening routine:

5:45     –     Pick Miles up from the sitter
6:00     –     Walk Barney (our dog) with Miles in tow (usually in the Baby Bjorn)
6:15     –     Quality Time with Miles: tummy time, toys, books
7:00     –     Miles gets a bath
7:20     –     Get in jammies and give Miles his bedtime bottle
8:00     –     Miles is asleep (sometimes a little earlier)

So, yeah, about one hour a day, Monday through Friday, is all I get to really enjoy my baby. THEN we bust out the wine and margaritas. Just kidding! Then we do dishes, fill bottles, catch up on a little televison if I’m lucky. Oh, what a crazy life I lead.


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