Sleeping Through the Night

So, I was thinking all day yesterday about the sad, sympathetic post I was going to write about parents who never get to sleep through the night because of night feedings and crying babies. And then little Miles decided that he was going to sleep from 8pm…until 6am! It was glorious! Of course part of you wakes up in the morning terrified that you somehow didn’t here your baby screaming in the night, or God forbid that something has happened to him in his crib.

Then you walk into his room to find this:

That’s right, folks. Despite all odds and genetics, it seems that my boy is a morning person. After a minute or so of stretching and yawning, he’s the picture of an angel–wide awake and perfectly content. It’s really easy to make him smile and he barely puts up a fight when it’s time to get dressed to go. Okay, I know, now I’m bordering on bragging. But come on, look at him!

Here’s hoping that last night was the first of MANY sleep-filled nights for both Miles and his very tired parents!

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