Miles v. Miles

I walked into Miles’s room this morning to get him changed and ready to start the day, only to find this has blanket had what looked like dried blood on it. Naturally, I about had a heart attack as I searched him up and down for an injury that could have resulted in bleeding like that. I found nothing. He has a couple of scratches on his legs, but nothing that would have bled like that. I looked in his mouth to see if any teeth had busted through or if he has any cuts. Nothing.

The only logical explanation is that my boy is running some Fight Club-like operation in his crib after hours. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

In all seriousness, I did jump on the computer as soon as I got to work to see if anyone else out these has seen this in their baby. Sure enough:

Thank God for The Bump, and other neurotic mommies out there! I guess this means my little man will have himself some chompers soon. Exciting!

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