Disney Kids


Yep, that’s me, enjoying one of my first trips to Walt Disney World in 1983. I don’t think my parents knew what a big impact those trips would have on my life and future career. I ended up working for the company off and on for almost eight years!

Which leads me to two very different thoughts…

(1) I love Disney! I have since I was very little, and I still do today. Having worked there, I have seen what goes on behind the scenes AND I STILL LOVE IT! Miles is still really little, but I want him to love it too. I play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the background when I can and he has a stuffed Goofy. I’ll be so sad if he grows up not knowing those characters and that place — Walt Disney World. I’m hoping we can take him for his first trip next year.

(2) EVERYTHING MATTERS. Those family trips to Disney just seemed easy and convenient to my parents since we lived just a few hours away, but they ended up shaping my life. It’s a good reminder that every thing we do with Miles will affect him and help mold him. It’s scary and thrilling; what an awesome responsibility!

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