My 1st Mother’s Day

I’m not sure why, but celebrating my first Mother’s Day kind of makes me feel old. Mother’s Day is for MY mom, not me! But I digress. This post is not about my irrational over-thinking.

…it’s about the fabulous weekend I had with my boys!

Saturday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and Miles and I took advantage of it by going to visit David at work. Luckily, his work right now happens to be in the Delacorte Theater getting ready for Shakespeare in the Park. We packed lunch and enjoyed a little time by Turtle Pond.

Then Sunday was all about me!


I woke up to find a table full of goodies for me. There were flowers and chocolate and TWO cards. The first was a really sweet one from my husband, and the other was a typed letter from “My Boys”–David, Miles, and Barney. It was one of the nicest things I’ve ever read, and I was definitely crying by the end of it. On top of all the little gifts, David and one of my best friends coordinated to have her come up next weekend. I get the night off to enjoy dinner and a show with her, while the boys enjoy an evening in. Can’t wait!

To get on with Sunday, Miles had his big presentation at church (more on that tomorrow) and then we met up with some friends for brunch. I had what I can only describe as my ideal food…Nutella-filled french toast. And the place was adorable to boot. Then, as if the day wasn’t wonderful enough–drumroll, please–I got to take a nap! Now, that’s what I call a good day.

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