Blind as a Bat


Yesterday morning, I was wiping my glasses clean when they snapped, right down the middle, right in my hands. I guess I don’t know my own strength. I had two options: go blind (and yes, I’m pretty close), or sport my back-up pair…which I’ve had for many years. I went with the latter, since luckily my back-up pair are still reasonably stylish. But it got me thinking.

I didn’t actually get glasses until college, but I’m pretty sure I needed them much sooner. Some doctor when I was younger said to wait in hopes that my eyes would even out, since one was so much worse than the other.

My husband wears contacts daily, but he has glasses at home that rival any Coke bottle.

Long story short, Miles is screwed. As cute as I think little kids in glasses are, it’s different when it’s your kid. I mean, he’d be cute, no doubt in my mind (see below). But any health issue is a bad one, even one as minor as needed glasses. Let’s just hope he at least makes it through elementary school before we have to start worrying about it.

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