The Teething Continues

While I still can’t complain about my little angel’s sleeping (usually 8pm until about 9am, with a quick feeding around 4am), bedtime has become less than enjoyable.

For the past week or so, at 6:50pm like clockwork, the crying begins. We can usually calm him down for his 7pm bath, but once his jammies are on, all bets are off. Even his bedtime bottle can’t soothe him, and he’ll scream for a solid 20-30 minutes until finally I think he lets his hunger take over.

The first couple of days, David and I were so confused! Miles has always been really easy, but we couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Then, I talked to my mom. Apparently, the little man takes after me because when my teeth were first coming in, I would save all my screaming for bedtime.

He has his frozen toys to gnaw on, and last night we tried a little Orajel, but nothing seems to be helping. Any ideas?

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