Mommy’s Night Out

To wrap my very 1st Mother’s Day, I got to enjoy a little night on the town with one of my best friends this weekend.

She got in on Saturday afternoon and came right over to our apartment. She happens to love Miles almost as much as I do, so she couldn’t not spend some time with him. Once David got home from work, we head to dinner and a show.

Although it wasn’t the original plan, we ended up at Nizza. And it was good. We had almost exactly an hour and we got to savor our meals AND enjoy dessert. That’s what I’m talking about.

We got to the theater approximately 30 seconds before curtain, which was awesome…almost as awesome as the show itself. SMASH‘s Christian Borle was on another level of hysterical. I had actually worked on the show about a million years ago and seen the Off-Broadway production last Spring, but he seriously took it to new heights. Bravo!

We headed back to the neighborhood, and stopped for one more drink on the way home. And the next morning, it was church and yet another delicious brunch before our sad good-byes. Until next time!

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