Favorite Things: Go Baby!

I’m not shy about my love of Disney. So, on the rare occasion (or early morning) that I put the television on for Miles, it’s almost always to Disney Junior. It’s hard to believe that at just eight months, Miles already has his favorites, but it’s true. Most of the time, he can watch something for a minute or two, but certain things just hold his attention.

One of those shows: Go Baby!

To be completely honest, these little shorts kind of weird me out. Maybe it’s because I can’t really figure out how it’s done? It looks like an actual baby, but their world is definitely animated and the movements are choppy. Obviously none of that bothers my baby.

Go Baby follows a baby boy (who just goes by “Baby”) and his friend Sophie for these little five minute adventures. Some of the ones I’ve seen have been bath time, a visit to a farm, getting ready for a birthday party…

I understand the appeal of watching someone who kind of looks like you, but other that that, I’m not sure I’ll ever get why Miles likes it so much. But hey, if you have a rowdy baby, this just might be the things for you.

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