Website Spotlight: The Glow

If you’re expecting or a new mom struggling with balancing the cool-ness of a baby-free existence, go to this site now: The Glow. Seriously, go now. I’ll forgive you.

My sister pointed me toward The Glow a few months back, and it was love at first sight. The site features some of the coolest women out there–we’re talking designers, photographers, fashionistas…–and their kids. It’s honestly one of the sites that has helped me the most since having Miles, and it just goes to show that just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to lose your cool.

My personal favorite: Jemima Kirke, an artist/actor in NYC:

“In order of importance: 1.Self, 2. Marriage, 3. Child. Of course all are as important as each other, but neglecting the one before is a disservice to the one after.”

“Some people, when they have babies, embrace all ‘stuff’. I don’t. I didn’t want my house to look like a jungle gym. I swore that I’d get everything in black, beige, and white—it’s almost impossible. I want people to walk into my house and be surprised that there’s a baby.”

 “The hardest thing about being a mom is losing some of the spontaneity in life. There’s no more getting up and going somewhere because you’ve suddenly decided it would be fun—no impulsive actions, no last minute trips or outings. Almost every action or trip must be thought of in advance—seeing a movie, going out to dinner, taking a nap, walking the dog.”

Yes, yes, and yes. I’m pretty sure we’re soul-mates.

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