Favorite Things: The Fall

I know this is a big favorite for a lot of people. Even though you’d think it would be the New Year, to me fall is really the biggest symbol for a fresh start. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with that being when school starts. Even if you hated school, the first day of the school year was full of hope–that everything would be different, that you’d stay on top of your reading and homework, that you could really start over.

Something about those feelings have always stuck with me, making fall such an exciting time. As such, I’m officially declaring this Back to School Week on the blog. I know I’m a little late, but blame the hiatus.

Some other great things about fall:

  1. Cooler weather after an almost-always unbearably hot and humid couple of months in a very under-air-conditioned city.
  2. Dresses with boots. Enough said.
  3. Football season. Busted. I don’t really love football, but my husband does, which earns it its place on my list.
  4. Back to school shopping! Weather you’re notebook-obsessed like I am, or you just love a good deal on sweaters, now’s the time.
  5. So. Much. More.

Now, go drink a Pumpkin Spice something or another, jump in a pile of leaves, and start planning your fresh start!

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