School Daze

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have a problem…a very serious notebook problem.

I always have at least one in my bag, I rarely finish using one before starting a new one, and I seldom walk out of a store that sells them without a new one. Hardcover, wire-bound, or composition-style, I’m not picky. And I think I can trace the problem back to my school days.

Growing up my grades were not always stellar. Luckily, people thought I was smart so my less-than-excellent grades were always attributed to boredom. I guess as a parent, there are worse things to hear about your child. But I digress…

Despite the “laziness,” one of the highlights of my year was always back-to-school shopping. And as much as any girl likes clothes, it was (sadly?) the school supplies that I really loved. It was like your first homework assignment: go to the store and buy everything on this list. You got it!

Maybe that’s what got me started on lists, too.

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