Registry Recs: Indestructibles

Let me start this post and preface any future recommendations by saying that ALL BABIES ARE DIFFERENT. Something that works wonders on Miles may do nothing for your baby, and vice verse. With that said, let’s talk about books.

Indestructible books to be exact. I always knew that I wanted my baby to love books and eventually love reading on his own. I try to read to him regularly, but sometimes I just let him play with books on his own. But after having to throw a couple out, I was beginning to get frustrated.

Enter: Indestructibles.


These little miracles are made just for babies–and all the drooling, chewing, and destruction that comes with them. A friend of my husband’s pointed me toward these a while back, but I was skeptical to spend money on these somewhat unassuming books, expecting Miles to tear through them in mere minutes. I was so wrong!

Pictured are some of Miles’s favorites, and after hours of dragging them around and putting them in his mouth, I can just throw them in the washing machine. Yes, that’s right; they’re machine-washable. So, if you have a little future reader on your hands, but not always the time to sit with them, I highly recommend picking up a few of these.

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