One of the most fun things about this age with Miles is watching him experience food, like any food. I am very proud to say that apart from cereal and one late morning, I have made all of Miles’s food from the beginning. We started slow with some basics like apples and bananas, and have slowly progressed. At this point, I’m pretty sure he’s tried more vegetables than I have. Here’s a little rundown of what he’s had so far:

THE GOOD:                                            THE BAD:
– apples                                                    – potatoes (too bland?)
– bananas                                                 – green beans (too strong?)
– peaches                                                  – corn (too coarse?)
– pinapples                                               – greek yogurt (too sour?)
– sweet potato                                         – cheddar cheese (too sharp?)
– carrots                                                   – cottage cheese (too lumpy?)
– green peas
– butternut squash
– yogurt                                                     THE UGLY:
– chicken                                                   – zucchini — which he may be allergic to

He always makes a very dramatic face when he tries a new food. I think the winner thus far has been greek yogurt face; you’d think he were sucking on a lemon!

The list above isn’t exhaustive, but you get the idea. Any fun foods you think he might like?

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