Favorite Things: The Baby Bullet

Since we’re talking about food…

I’m sure at some point you’ve caught a late-night infomercial for The Magic Bullet. It’s a little blender that seems to make everything–from frozen cocktails to pasta sauces. I’ll admit that I considered buying one more than once, but some sub-par reviews saved me the trouble.

Fast forward a few years, and my night owl husband caught a new infomercial…this time for The Baby Bullet. At first glance, the only difference I saw was a little smiley face painted on the side of the containers, and I deemed the creators of these products marketing geniuses.

But it did get our wheels turning. I’m not one of those all-natural, all-organic all the time kind of moms. (I think that’s great, but it sounds like it takes So. Much. Effort.) However, blending up a banana didn’t sound so hard. Luckily, I do have some all-organic all the time friends, and one of them gifted me with this little blender when I was pregnant.

I doubted I would stick with it, but here we are almost ten months later, and I’m still making all of Miles’s food. Sure, it does take a little more effort than buying jarred food by the pallet, but I think it’s been worth it.

I’m sure you could get the same effect from most any food processor, but that smiley face!

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