Around the World

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things that I miss about baby-free living (and dog-free living, for that matter) was the ease with which we could travel. With the holidays around the corner and trying to figure out our travel plans, it’s only gotten the wheels turning that much more.

But do you know what gets me through thinking about all those logistics and the cost and all that? Thinking about how much fun it will be when Miles gets as excited about a trip as we do.

As it stands, he’s been on a (subway) train, in a car, and on a plane–and generally, he’s pretty been pretty great. He starts to hate the car if he’s alone in the backseat for too long, but who doesn’t?

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to visit places like Vegas, Palm Springs, St. Maarten, London, Paris… Try to imagine those same trips with a kid. Different, but potentially SO. MUCH. FUN.

What do you think makes some people enjoy traveling more than others? I’ve always been all about it, with a study abroad under my belt by 15, another one in college, and a smattering of trips in between. My sister on the other hand says she wants to, but hasn’t really made it happen. I hope Miles loves to travel as much as we do. He would love the roller coasters and arcades in Vegas where I attracted a crowd playing “Dance Dance Revolution” or the slushies at the Eiffel Tower that his dad still talks about four years later or snorkling in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Right?





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