I have a thing for brand loyalty. If I’ve had a good experience with a company, I generally try and stick with them, and it takes a pretty major mess-up for me to break ties. For example, I’ve been with my bank since 1998 and my cell company since 2002.

However, if I give a company a shot and they screw the pooch, beware my wrath. Prime example: Low Country Van Lines 
It’s a tale as old as time. We had our cross-country move all planned out when a too-good-to-be-true moving company came out of the woodwork and convinced us to give them our business. I won’t give you the whole sob story, but I’ll just say that it took nearly a month for us to get our things. Fast forward a few months:

That’s right; just a few short months after our move Low Country went out of business…or has at least changed their name in hopes of screwing with more people. I’d like to think that my TWO Better Business Bureau complaints had a hand in shutting them down.So, what’s the point? Service matters. If the fine folks at Low Country had at least been nice or apologetic or (gasp!) offered us some kind of discount, I probably still wouldn’t be raving about them, but at least I wouldn’t be smiling from ear to ear when I found out they had shuttered.  Just saying…

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