A Sixth Sense

Do you ever feel like you have one? You know what I’m talking about. You look up just as your kid is reaching for something dangerous. Or you sneak in a nap, knowing that it’s going to be a rough night. Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post, when I decided to get serious about writing again, I laid out a writing schedule for all of October. Well, all of October except this past Monday. 
Turns out that Sunday night, the Mister and I looked a little like this:

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. I won’t go into detail right now (read: See Future Post), but I will say that come Monday I was in no mood to right a cheerful post about bibs or whatever else. It’s like I just knew.

Don’t worry; by Monday we were looking more like this again:

How do you and your other half handle arguments? I tend to want to talk everything out immediately and ad nauseam, while my husband prefers to blow off steam with a little time away from me before having it out. Hey, whatever we’re doing has worked for over seven years.

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