Happy Hurricane (and Halloween)!

On the upside, we got a couple of days off of work. On the downside, I’m a big weenie who spent most of those days curled up on the couch.I will say that we were very lucky in my neighborhood, with just some down tree limbs and some wind. No major flooding or power outages. 
I grew up in Miami, and we had a little storm there back in 1992. Hurricane Andrew. Ever heard of it? We were very fortunate, in that other than losing power and a few leaks in the ceiling, we got out mostly unscathed. Our next door neighbors (my very pregnant cousin and her husband) were slightly less fortunate–losing a good part of their roof and having to run over to our house during the eye of the storm.

But what will never leave my memory was the look on my great aunt’s face as we drove through her almost-leveled community and pulling up in front of the rubble that was left of their house. The sadness, the loss is something that stays with you.

Maybe that’s why I’m so, shall we say, respectful of big storms. Even though Miles wouldn’t have remembered Hurricane Sandy anyway, I’m very thankful that there’s not much for him to remember.

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