Division of Labor

So, last week I had a brief post about an unpleasant evening with my better half. You want the scoop? I thought you might…

I’d REALLY like it if I could just rant about how it was all his fault, but alas as with most arguments, we both had a hand in this one. Picture if you will… 
DAVID: I got home from work, after nine days straight without a day off. This shift alone was about twelve hours long and I was exhausted. I walked in to find my wife playing with Miles on the floor…along with a sink-full of dishes. She’s always saying that she wants me to tell her what’s on my mind, so I let her know that it sucked that she couldn’t even get the dishes done.

CRISTINA: Being with Miles all day is wearing! I woke up at 6:00am, and Miles decided to only take one hour-long nap, during which I took a quick shower, straightened up some clutter, and did a round of dishes. I was excited when David got home, but quickly bummed out when he started ranting about how I did nothing while he worked all day.

A little yelling here, a crying baby there, and it was about the worst fight we’ve had since Miles was born.

So, who was right? Both of us. Much later in the evening, we were able to talk it all out. He sometimes has unrealistic expectations, and I can sometimes better manage the free time that I do have. To help, I’ve decided to lay out a chore chart. It won’t be anything ridiculously detailed–just enough that the expectations are clearly laid out.

Okay, maybe nothing THAT elaborate.

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