Website Spotlight: kindness girl

And specifically a post called “love warriors…” The entire blog is so refreshingly honest and hopeful, and this post in particular so beautifully captures what it means to love. I think an excerpt would serve us best here:

…and he awkwardly picked it up. Each ugly piece. Some he didn’t know what to do with, others he knew just what to say, some he just sort of helplessly stared at…with so much love.

But I realized this is what love warriors do, because you don’t always know, you can’t always see each other clearly…but you keep fighting for your love and for each other…quietly, boldly, fumbling, in all the wrong and right ways, reaching, holding tight.

Poetic and painful and true and inspiring. No matter what we go through as a family, we are there for each other in every fight, in every mess.

Patience and Jorge were in high school when I was in sixth grade. I never knew them well, but I remember thinking that they seemed like a great couple even then. Stumbling upon her blog just made me smile. She may never have known who I was, but I guess she’s still a great example for me.

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