Ripped from the Headlines

I cried a little on my way to work today. Miles had been a perfect angel all morning–ate like a champ, didn’t fuss when I was dressing him for the day, we even left home a few minutes earlier than usual. Confused?

I was headed towards the train when I saw what looked like a cute little family walking toward me. It was what I assume to be a mom, dad, and two little girls, one of them being pushed in a stroller and the other walking, holding mom’s hand.

Then, when they were about a block away from me, dear old dad physically turned mom around and yelled at her while pointing at something in the other direction. Did I mention he turned her around BY HER HAIR?! 

I froze. My hat flew of my head as I just stood staring, probably with my jaw on the floor. They were too far away for me to say or do anything, but what could I have done? I’ve seen enough Law and Order to know that it probably would have only made things worse for her.

But then it got weirder. They just kept walking like nothing had happened. The older girl had started crying, and mom actually looked like SHE felt bad, but along they went. Part if me wondered  if I had imagined the whole thing. There were other people around (including the lady who recovered my hat), but no one said anything or even looked surprised.

So, the wheels immediately started turning… Am I overreacting? Should I have said something? What could I have said? What would YOU have said?

Is this normal?

How much worse is it in private, if he can humiliate her like that in public?

Are his daughters going to grow up thinking this is normal? Because it’s not.

Not to get too preachy, but it’s not! Give, volunteer, learn, and most importantly teach all those little boys out there to be men–real men, who love and protect their families.

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