“The spark was no longer there…”

First, read this little article on MSN’s Wonderwall.

Second, if you agree with anything about the end of Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie’s marriage, never EVER get married. 
It’s been a long while since I saw something that forced such a reaction out of me that I had to immediately blog about it, but here we are.

My husband and I have been married a little over six years, and while I know that really isn’t very long in the grand scheme, it’s long enough to know that this elusive spark isn’t always there. That spark isn’t realistic or sustainable. Do you remember the excitement and anticipation that came with your new relationship? As wonderful as it was at the time, I really feel like I’d be exhausted if that went on for many, many years!

I think people forget that, like most things in life, marriage has different seasons and stages. The less romantic or passionate ones may not feel as nice, but it’s through the hard stuff that we grow. I can appreciate that the couple in the article went to counseling and seem to have put forth a real effort, but you can’t throw in the towel when your husband isn’t putting “enough effort into the relationship.” Honestly, I feel like I hit the jackpot in the husband department, but there are still times I wish he would do more or different. But guess what? I’m sure there are times he feels the same way about me. We’re in this together, though.

To Hilary and Mike: I wish you nothing but the best in life, and I apologize if there are other circumstances that I don’t know about that led to end of your marriage, but seriously, there’s something out there better than this?

Photo: @Hilaryduff/Twitter


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