Favorite Things: 1-10

We are very fortunate that Miles is growing up a smart, curious boy. We are also very fortunate that we found a great school for him in the neighborhood – one that teaches in both English and Spanish.

What could the downside be? In the grand scheme, nothing. It’s great! As a slightly selfish 30-something, I’m so over counting to ten. 
The first time he did it, we were so proud and impressed with him. The first time he did it in Spanish, we immediately called my parents and had him do it for them. But now, even though we all know he can count much higher than that, he has decided that ten is the best place to stop.

So, he does…over and over and over. Another things that was adorable at first? After reaching ten, he will take a moment to applaud and cheer himself on with a “good counting!”

I know that one day soon I’ll look back and wish he was still counting to ten and affirming his own smarts, but for now. what’s a mom to do?

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