Who AM I?

I recently had a visit to the doctor – just a routine check-up since I’d never seen this new doctor. I feel reasonably healthy, but he informed me that my cholesterol is through the roof. I can’t say that I was completely surprised, considering that it runs in my family and I have the eating habits of a teenage boy (think fast food, candy, etc.).

For some reason though, this health alert must have come at just the right time because it really hit me hard. I’m 33 years old and at risk for a heart attack? Something about that is just not right! So, I know it’s time for some changes. 
That visit to the doctor was about two weeks ago, and I’ve started to make some basic changes that seem to be working. We’ve swapped out white rice for brown and regular pasta for whole wheat. There’s more fish and less red meat being eaten. And I’m really focused on portion control…which seems to be much easier when the food isn’t quite as tasty.

This morning though, there was a breakthrough. I did something I never thought I would do. After a couple of weeks of shutting off the alarm and rolling back over into my cozy bed, I finally managed to drag myself out of bed an hour earlier than I needed to and – wait for it – went for a run. WHAT?!

If you know me at all, you know that it’s very unlike me to get up even a few minutes early…or run. So, even though my two-mile walk/run only served to remind me that I actually am in horrible shape, I could not have been more proud of myself.

We’ll see what happens when that alarm goes off again on Monday…

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