Blame It On the Rain

(Like I’m going to pass up an opportunity to reference Milli Vanilli…)

In case you haven’t gathered from reading so far, I really love New York City. I just find it such a thrilling place to be. You can walk onto a movie set at any moment, celebrity sightings are no big deal, the restaurants are amazing, there’s art, fashion, music… You get it, I love it.

So, imagine my dismay when I recently came upon a blog post that blamed NYC for the writer’s marital problems. I understand that city life (and specifically, this city life) isn’t for everyone, but I don’t think that’s the city’s fault. There are plenty of marriages that are working well here every day; I’d like to think mine is one of them. 

I won’t deny that there are absolutely pressures that come along with living here – whether that be to work long hours, to make more money, to live beyond your means – but there are pressures everywhere, and most of those problems won’t vanish magically upon crossing the state line.

I have an immense amount of respect to that blogger and her family for leaving the city if that’s what it took to salvage her marriage, but I just wish she had acknowledged that it was more than a job and New York putting a strain on her relationship.

Maybe I’m wrong. Do you think a city can be blamed for problems in a relationship?

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