Bachelor Weekends

Since both of our families live pretty far away (mine in Florida, his in Kansas), a visit takes a flight and usually a couple of days off from work. Since Miles was born, we made a commitment to visit each set of grandparents at least twice a year. I don’t know if you checked out any flights recently, but despite lower gas prices, they are not getting any cheaper.

photo by Yasuhide Fumoto

So, we hatched a plan. 

We decided to stick to our commitment, but not all go every time. Once a year we all go to Miami to be with my family, and once a year we all go to Kansas City. For the second visit to Miami, I go alone with Miles. And David does the same for the second visit to KC. Which means…

For at least one full weekend (sometimes longer) each year, both David and I each get to be home alone. I love my husband and my son very much, but I’m guessing all you parents out there can understand why we both look forward to our solo weekends every year.

Truthfully, it usually ends up being a lazy weekend of ordering in and watching movies on the couch with our dog, Barney. But those couple of days alone do so much to restore a little sanity. I can read with no interruptions, eat a piece of chocolate without little hands grabbing at it, go on leisurely walks and drives…pretty much bliss.

What do you do with your alone time…or what would you do if you had any alone time?

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