The Great Escape

After a harsh and looooooooong winter, the Fowlers decided to take their show on the road recently, with a super fun weekend at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge!

Having grown up in South Florida, I had no idea that indoor water parks were a thing, but they are and they’re pretty wonderful. We only went up for one night, but we sampled a little bit of everything – including water slides, arcades, and room service. 

Truthfully, Miles is at a weird age for this kind of thing, and I found myself wishing there was more he could really enjoy. The toddler area only had one slide for him, but he wasn’t quite tall enough for any of the bigger ones (even accompanied by one of us).

Same for the arcade. It was one of those ticket-driven places where you end up spending a lot of money only to walk away with some random tchotchke or cheap toy. I love skee-ball as much as the next girl, but there were only one or two games that he could do and enjoy.

Despite that, we really did have a great time. I imagine we will try it again – maybe a different place next time (Great Wolf and Aquatopia are supposed to be pretty great). Any excuse for a little getaway!

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