A Fun Run, you say?

You know what a fun run is, right? It’s usually not too lengthy (think 5K, maybe 10K) and there are usually some obstacles involved. Some popular ones are the Color Run and Tough Mudder for the really hardcore.

You may have also picked up on the fact that I’m not a big fan of running. I have zero endurance and am struggling to catch my breath after about a block of it. So, when I first heard of the idea of a fun run, I thought it was perfect! Some tires or a rope ladder are just what I need to break up the monotony of running.

Obstacles and Disney? Just sign me up. And that’s what’s we did. To motivate me into running more regularly, David and I signed up for the Expedition Everest Challenge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom a few years back.  And it was good. 

EverestOn top of running through an empty theme park (which was cool enough in itself) there were a few (pretty easy) obstacles, and a scavenger hunt. There was one minor downside. I found out I was pregnant with Miles about a week before the run. We still had a great time, minus a little nausea…

So, why bring it up now?

David and I just signed up for our second fun run – The Wipeout Run. Yep, that Wipeout. I feel like these obstacles will be a little more challenging than some tires and a rope ladder, but that’s not even my biggest concern.

wipeout-runI can’t help but wonder if maybe a pattern will begin to form once this fun run approaches, if you catch my drift. Can you imagine?! It’ll be my last fun run, I can tell you that!

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