One and Done

I’m not a big fan of that saying. It’s what people say when we tell them that Miles will likely be an only child. I’m not sure why it bothers me – maybe because it sounds so final. And truthfully, it’s not.

For the first time in the the three years since Miles was born, David and I have actually started talking about maybe considering adding an even littler Fowler to the clan. There’s a very distinct uncertainty to it, so don’t get TOO excited, but yeah, it’s out there. 

Honestly, it’s nothing but fear holding us back. My pregnancy and delivery with Miles were pretty great (minus a minor case of preeclampsia toward the end), and he’s turned out to be a pretty cool kid so far. Plus, even with a toddler, we’ll be getting out of debt completely by the end of the summer, and another kid would likely mean a move to a bigger place. It’s crazy to me that we would consider rolling the dice again – a whole lot of what ifs…

And then there are all the reasons on the flip side. Should Miles have a sibling? If so, shouldn’t they be relatively close in age? What about when we’re older? Wouldn’t it be better to have more than one child to help deal with things then?

There’s just so much to consider! I’m almost scared to ask, but what do you think?

Yes or No?

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