Not So Cool After All

Cool de Sac

I suppose I should have gone with my instinct after I tried calling and the line was disconnected.

Alas, despite that questionable second impression (their decent website was the first), I decided that, rather than sit at my parents house for another day of our vacation, Miles and I would venture out to this “children’s entertainment center like no other” for the afternoon. It’s actually a great concept – a large indoor play space divided into sections like computers, arts, and discovery (science), with a family friendly dining area in the middle.

Their two locations in South Florida are the only ones in the United States so far, but they have other spots in South America and Asia. They are also available for franchising…which may be part of the problem. 

I’d like to say that I’m generally not the toughest customer to please. Having worked in retail, restaurants, and customer service at some point, I know it can be really tough sometimes. And as such I try to be as patient, understanding, and kind as possible. That said, here we go.

We arrived just a few minutes after their noon opening and there was already a line formed at least six moms deep. It doesn’t sound like much but it took FOR-E-VER to get through…which is always extra confusing when your turn seems to take about 30 seconds. Once we were up to the desk, we signed a short waiver (always smart when you have a bunch of kids running around) and were given matching wristbands. We opted for a special that was something like $15 for admission and lunch.

After letting M run around for about an hour, I finally convinced him to sit down for lunch with me. Our server seemed nice enough and brought our drinks relatively quickly, but it was all downhill from there.

After about an hour, my food had still not come (luckily Miles’ had). My hunger aside, I felt terrible making my three year-old sit there while there were kids playing all around us. I flagged our server down and let him know that I didn’t want the sandwich (yep, an hour for a turkey panini), and that I would just take the check. Five minutes after that, he brought out the panini. Um…

I apologized and let him know that we just couldn’t sit there any longer. He took the panini away to box up, but still no check. I finally gave up, and Miles and I walked over to the arts area of the open space. The server came over to find me and let me know that he put my sandwich on our table. I looked back and, sure enough, it was on a plate like our last exchange never happened. I reminded him of the conversation, and he took the sandwich back to the kitchen.

Another hour later, we were ready to leave…and so we did – no sandwich, no check. That’s right, my very first dine-and-dash…if it counts if you wait an hour to “dash.” Cool-de-Sac management, just message me if you think I owe you those $15.

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