A Day on the Farm

I’ve been excited about this day since we first dropped Miles off at his preschool. That’s right; Miles had his first field trip. And you better believe I volunteered to chaperone. I turned in our permission slips, packed our lunches, and it was time to go. 

If the field trip had just been a drive around the block on the yellow school bus, I think it would have been a good day for Miles. But that was just the beginning. After about 45 minutes on that bus, we arrived at Green Meadows Farm in Hazlet, New Jersey.

We kicked things off with a quick hay ride around the grounds, and were then introduced to our guide for the day – “Farmer Greg.” The rest of the day was spent going from one pen to the next learning about and petting various small animals. We started with the fluffiest of puppies to get the kids used to being gentle with the animals. From there, we saw everything from bunnies and ducks to sheep and horses. Miles even had the opportunity to milk a cow!

You know that scene in Toy Story 3 when the toys in the Caterpillar Room brace themselves for the incoming toddlers? I imagine that’s how the animals at this farm feel about every 15 minutes. At first I felt a little sad for them, but I think everyone made it through the day unscathed.

image courtesy of pixar.wikia.com

image courtesy of pixar.wikia.com

Successful first field trip: check!

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