Stitch Fix – Third Time’s the Charm

Even though I’ve been spending entirely too much money lately, I have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of my Stitch Fix this month. Like I said, fall is my favorite. Part of that is the clothes – and I was psyched to get some new sweaters and jackets to usher in the season. 

In case you still haven’t had the chance to check it out, Stitch Fix is a pretty great subscription service that sends you five items of clothing (and accessories) pretty much whenever you’d like. I get a clothing allowance every other month, so that’s how often I have mine set up to come. But you can select when and how often you get yours (as often as every two weeks, or as rarely as whenever you select the date).

They charge you a $20 styling fee every time they send you a box…but you can use that credit towards any items you choose to keep from the shipment. The average price point is about $50 per item, which is a little pricey for some…but I’ve kept one item from each box (a denim jacket and a dress) and worn both A LOT.

Now for this fix…

(1) Olive & Oak Shan Color Block Hem Knit Top

This sweater was me times a million, and barring a crazy fit disaster, I pretty much knew I was going to keep it as soon as I laid my eyes on it. There was no crazy fit disaster. I love the colors (a heather purple with grey along the bottom) and I love that it’s a really lightweight knit, but still surprisingly warm. Even though it’s been in the low to mid-80’s, I have already worn it to lunch with a friend. Verdict: KEPT

(2) Papermoon Morenna Fit and Flare Dress

Is it me, or do I have a tiny little head compared to the rest of my body? Just me? Okay then, but that’s how this dress made me feel. Much like the dress in my first fix, it looks much cuter in the picture than I felt like it looked in reality. For some reason, I wasn’t into the cap sleeves, and unless I barely moved, there was some serious cleavage. Verdict: RETURNED

(3) Just Black Dean Skinny Jean

I had actually requested a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, and this is what they sent me. I put them on, and pretty much could have worn them for the rest of my days – SO comfortable. There’s a zipper detail at the ankle to make them a little special. But they were just a little too dark. As you can see from the picture, they’re almost black, and I knew I wouldn’t wear them as often as a more traditional denim. This one was a close call, and I actually requested them in another color for my next fix. Verdict: RETURNED

(4) Octavia Jolene Zipper Flap Crossbody Bag

I didn’t feel too strongly about this bag one way or the other when I first saw it. It was a good size and I had indicated that I liked crossbody bags, but it was a little bolder a color than I tend to go for in a bag. When I got home, I realized there was another good reason not to keep this bag…I already own a crossbody in a similar size and color. Oops! Verdict: RETURNED

Fix Item (L), Already Own (R)

(5) Mo-Ka Fabienne Jacket

Oh this jacket. I’ve been asking for a black leather jacket from the beginning. Sadly, this was not it. The leather felt really thin and looked a little cheap. It had zero structure, so unless it was zipped up, it was super unflattering. On top of that, the sleeves were too long. I do hope they try again, but this one didn’t stand a chance. Verdict: RETURNED

Regardless of the fact that I’ve only kept one item from each fix thus far, getting to open a box of clothes that someone picked out for you is just plain fun. If you haven’t yet, give Stitch Fix a shot! My next box will come mid-November. Until then…

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