Turning Over a New Leaf

Around the Fowler house, we use this phrase pretty often (unfortunately). See, for us, it’s similar to making new year’s resolutions; there’s something we want to fix, and we’re starting in 3…2…1…

Everyone has things they’d like to change or improve about themselves. Sadly, the desire to make those changes aren’t always as strong as we think when it comes down to doing the actual work to get you there.How many times have you said (or heard someone say), “I really need to lose some weight”? All the time, right?! And let’s be real: barring a medical condition, we all know how to do it – eat less/better and get more exercise. It’s not rocket science.

In the Bible, Paul nailed it when he wrote this to the Romans:

I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway. (7:19 NLT)

Seriously, he nailed it!

So, what’s the problem? It’s pretty clear that for the most part, we all know what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Yet we continue to find ourselves regretting both things we have done and things we should have done but didn’t.

Considering Paul wrote those words around 55 AD, it seems that this is quite literally an age-old question.

Here are some of the things on my current to do list:

(1) Exercise.

I know. I’ve never been one who is terribly concerned with the numbers on the scale, but I can feel myself getting unhealthier. I know eating veggies is not my strong suit, so this is an area to make up the difference. The problem? Between a full-time job, a husband and son, and a real gift for staying in bed too long in the morning, it’s tricky to figure out when to squeeze it in. Somehow, I always manage to watch my programs though…

(2) Finish a guest post for All Day Mom.

That’s right, people. Someone actually suggested I write a blog post for their site. What was she thinking? Just kidding. It’s about doing Walt Disney World on a budget, so… Yeah, I can do it. The problem: I’m not really sure. Fear, maybe? Thus far, I’ve kept my writing mostly to myself and my little corner of the blogosphere. This would be the first time I’m really putting it out there for people who don’t know me to judge. But, you know what? Whatever. My goal is to send it to her by the end of the week. Links to follow!

(3) Control the social media obsession.

Along with working on making this blog the best I can, there came this new desire to up my numbers across the internet – in the form or Twitter followers, mostly. I won’t say there’s anything wrong with that per se, but lately I have been checking my various social media accounts a tad obsessively (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest). I hate the idea that anything I put out in the virtual world is less than 100% genuine, and something happened earlier this week that made me think that’s exactly what was happening. Well, no more. I’ll still use social media (duh), but there are changes on the horizon, friends.

That’s not everything by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a good place to start. What do you need to do? Let’s stop putting it off. It’s time to turn those leaves over for good!

2 thoughts on “Turning Over a New Leaf

  1. Carissa says:

    You knocked #2 out of the park! Thanks very much for guest posting at All Day Mom!
    #3 is killing me—I need to get a good scheduling app and leave my phone in my purse.

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