Follow Me

But do I have to?

I’ve been putting some more effort into this here blog over the past few months, and if you know anything about blogging, that effort extends past this site to multiple social media platforms.

Apparently, social media etiquette dictates that (in general) if you follow me, I should follow you back.

Pardon my language, but… what kind of crap is that?

I tend to be pretty selective – about everything. And that includes who I follow on social media. Call me crazy, but when I follow someone, it means I actually want to see what they’re posting. That becomes really challenging when you (a) follow hundreds (or even thousands) of people and (b) those people you follow post a lot.

For a while, I went with it. At the peak, I had about 500 Twitter followers (up from around 100 less than a month prior), while I was following around 350. It happened so fast, and seeing that little number go up and up and up became a weird obsession.

And then one day it wasn’t.

I knew that if I had over half of the people I was following “muted,” odds are most of them weren’t really following me either. So, what’s the point?

I went back through my list and un-followed a lot of people that day. As predicted, my numbers have been slowly decreasing since (as people realize I know longer follow them). I’m okay with that. I’d rather have a few people who actually care about what I say…or at least find me mildly entertaining.

Also, I didn’t un-follow ALL the new folks. I actually have found several people that I really like thanks to this weird experiment – including the lovely Carissa Houston who let me post over on All Day Mom just last week. It’s also really taught me a lot about the kind of blogger I want to be, and helped me discover more of the things that I want to keep learning and writing about.

Why write about all this now? I guess there are two main reasons:

(1) It’s so freeing! You know how you’ve heard that when you’re upset (or angry or in love or any other crazy feeling) you should write a letter? Even if you never send it to anyway, just getting it out of your system is somehow therapeutic. This feels like that times a million. I want people to follow me online because they want to, not just because they hope I’ll return the favor. There, I said it.

(2) If you’re one of the people I’m currently not following, please don’t take it personally. As my sister would say, do you. And hopefully, you don’t really care much that you’re one number down because of me. Post on, my friends. The people I follow are mostly people I actually know, some bloggers I really respect, and a handful of celebrities.

In conclusion…

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