Stitch Fix – The Fantastic Four


Truthfully, this time around wasn’t quite so fantastic. I can’t exactly complain because my stylist pretty much did what I asked (jeans, sweaters, and elbow patches – oh my!). Unfortunately, it wasn’t to much success.


Where should I even begin? I wanted this to be good so badly. I really liked the mossy green color, and the leather elbow patches were pretty rad. And then I put it on… I was worried about the cowl neck to begin with, and I was right. Not sure why, but I’m just not a fan. On top of that, the sleeves were too long (they’re actually rolled up in the picture) and the length was kind of awkward. I couldn’t quite figure out if it was supposed to be longer in the back, or if it would look better with leggings. Verdict: Returned


Okay, I give. These jeans are almost identical to the ones I sent back in my last fix…which is a little annoying since my issue with them was that they were too dark. However, just like with the last pair, they were so. Stinking. Comfortable. Even though they’re still such a dark navy they border on black, I just couldn’t resist. And I’ve already worn them twice in the last three days. Verdict: Kept (though hesitantly)


As I pulled this sweater out of my box, I was kind of excited. The weather is starting to turn (yes, winter IS coming), and this sweater felt super thick and warm. Upon closer inspection, the subtle pattern gave me a Bill Cosby (before all that) vibe. Then, I pulled it on to find it may have in fact belonged to a large older man. As in, it fit me horribly. It was warm, but I’m not quite so desperate. If this had come mid-February, I may have been singing a different tune. Verdict: Returned


Well, I didn’t hate it. But when that’s the best thing you can say about an item, it’s probably not a good thing. This necklace was fine, nice even. But I had updated my “style profile” to say that I don’t really wear much gold. Plus, this necklace is a little too “classic” for me, if that makes any sense. If none of the other items had been keepers, I may have considered hanging on to this. Then the jeans. Verdict: Returned


I went back and forth and back again. I found it a little boring when I first saw it – definitely something I would consider wearing, but nothing really exciting about it. It was really soft, though. I slipped it on to find it felt just as good on as I expected. Unfortunately, it also seemed a few sizes too big. The sleeves were really long, and the suede elbow patches fell closer to my forearm than my elbow. Verdict: Returned


So, all three of the sweaters I received had some great potential, and I’m sad that none of them ended up working out. For a split second, I considered canceling my Stitch Fix. But then I remembered that (a) I’ve kept one item from each fix I’ve received and (b) regardless of what I end up keeping, it’s just plain fun to have someone pick out clothes for you.

All that said, if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend giving Stitch Fix a shot. As a busy working mom, I can attest that it really doesn’t get much easier or more fun than receiving a box of clothes as often as I want/need to. Until next time…

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