JONAS & Snow Day Fun


In case you somehow manages to escape the news this weekend (maybe you were out of the country?), there was a pretty major storm that slammed the Northeast. After a solid 24 hours of snowfall, we accumulated over two feet in our area – more than we’ve had at one time since 2006.

Having grown up in South Florida, I’ve never been a fan of extreme cold. I think snow is beautiful, but mainly when I’m looking at it from inside my apartment. After an unexpectedly late night out on Friday (hooray for date nights!), we were pretty much homebound all day Saturday.

I’m ashamed to admit that much of the day was spent like this:


Pajamas & Screen Time

But I don’t feel too bad, since by the end of the night, my street looked like this:


I decided it was time to step up my mom game a little on Sunday. We did finally venture out into the snow for a while. I might not be a fan of winter weather, but it turns out Miles is. Surrounded by piles of snow taller than him, he looked like this:


And he loved it!

I also decided to take it to the internet to find some fun indoor options. Hey, I wasn’t going to hang outside for very long! Here are some of the best ideas I found:

(1) Snow Day Bingo


courtesy of

I really liked this one because it was actually a list of activities within an activity. It’s a cute printable, and makes a game of finding things to do. It has basics like “read a book” and “draw a picture” mixed in with some snow day specific activities like “make a snow angel” and “build a snowman.”

(2) Bake Something Delicious (AND Simple)


courtesy of

Miles loves to help me in the kitchen, which is adorable, but not always entirely helpful. The key for us seems to be simplicity…and it doesn’t get simpler than these delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from Gimme Some Oven. They use literally four ingredients, and odds are you already have them in your kitchen.

(3) Scavenger Hunt


I read about quite a few different kinds of scavenger hunts, but the Book Hunt was by far my favorite. Courtesy of Scholastic:

  • If you find a book, sit down on the spot and yell out “Book Found!” all the other players and parents stop their hunt and go to the book. The finder or parent will read the book to everyone.
  • The hunt continues until every book has been found and read.

(4) Pillow Fort!


Sure, ours is more of a table/blanket fort, but it’s the same idea. It’s a rainy standby, but it’s almost more fun when you’re snowed in. If you have a big enough blanket, all you have to do is move your chairs and drape it over your dining table. Throw some pillows and stuffed animals in there, and you have yourself a party!

What about you? Did Winter Storm Jonas trap you indoors? Either way, how do you entertain the kids when you’re homebound?

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