Trunk Club Review

Trunk Club

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new contender in the clothing subscription service department.

And it was Trunk Club.

After a couple of less-than-amazing boxes from Stitch Fix, I decided to explore some other options and cam across Trunk Club. Affiliated with Nordstrom and originally a Stitch Fix-like option for men, they recently began creating trunks for woman. According to their site:

Trunk Club was started to solve a simple problem: shopping for clothes in stores is overwhelming and inconvenient. With Trunk Club, you’ll discover great clothes that are perfect for you without ever having to go shopping. We combine top brands, expert service, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a highly personalized experience that helps you look your best.

While there are some similarities between Trunk Club and Stitch Fix, this one somehow felt more personal. Rather than a style questionnaire online, you are first paired with a stylist who then asks you questions to help pull the right pieces for you.

The average price point is definitely higher for a trunk versus a fix, but there is no initial styling fee. On top of that, you (a) will recognize many of the brands sent to you, and (b) receive many more pieces than the five in each fix.

Here’s what came in my first trunk:

(1) Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flat

TBFlatYep, the holy grail of ballet flats (unless you’re a Tieks-wearer, of course). When I found out these would be in my first trunk, the panic began immediately. Would I be able to resist? No. The answer is no. While I am usually staunchly against advertising by way of my clothing, I was no match for Tory and her oh-so-comfy flats. These actually ended up being the only item I held on to. I still struggle with bouts of buyers’ remorse, having never spent so much on a single pair of shoes, but I justify it in that I’ll be starting a new job soon and plan on wearing these babies A LOT.

(2) Vince Camuto Paneled Lace Fit & Flare Dress

VC lace dressLet’s just say I wasn’t as big a fan of this dress as of the aforementioned flats. It was clingy in all the wrong places, and it was a kind of awkward length on me. I had asked for a different white lace dress, so maybe my stylist just wanted to send me another option?



(3) Halogen Owen Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat

HalogenTieFlatI went back and forth on these lace-up flats. On the one hand, lace-up flats are super on trend right now. But on the other, how often (realistically) am I going to wear white flats? For some people, the answer might be pretty often, but I know myself well enough to know that these would not be worn enough to make them worth it.


(4) Trouve Drape Collar Leather Jacket

Trouve JacketI’ve been on the hunt for a good leather jacket for a long, long time (since my last one got ruined). This is the third attempt at finding one in the last six months…and it’s not the one. It actually fit me really well (in the shoulders, sleeves, and length), but I’m just not a fan of the drape-y collar. We’re getting closer, though…


(5) Halogen Button Back Boatneck Sweater (in grey)

Halogen CardiOn paper, this is right up my alley. I’ve been really loving grey lately, and the button detail down the back added some interest to an otherwise pretty plain sweater. When I put it on, it was nice and soft; I love a good, thin knit. But looking in the mirror, I kind of just felt like I had accidentally put on one of my cardigans backwards. Not a good look.


(6) Remi & Reid Ava Reversible Tote

TanToteAnother item that I’ve been looking for for a while is a good versatile tote. I had a big black one that I loved, but after it got stained, I discovered there’s literally no way to clean it! The tag has EVERY option crossed out – no washing (via machine or by hand), no dry cleaning, nothing. So, the search for a new one has begun. I had high hopes for this one, and the fact that it’s reversible was definitely a plus. But the color was a little off for me, and when it’s flipped to the black side, there’s a pocket in the taupe color now on the outside. Sadly, returned.

(7) Joie Encycllia Sleeveless Linen Eyelet Top

Joie SleevelessI. Loved. This. Top. My biggest fear when I received this box (and more importantly, the price list) was that I would try something on and fall in love, only to realize it was way out of my price range. That was this shirt. I adored the eyelet and the scalloped edge. The $200 price tag? Not so much.



(8) Vince Camuto Seamed Crepe A-Line Dress

VC CrepeEvery girl needs a little black dress (or three) in her arsenal. This, however, will not be one of mine. Some things about it were pretty great – the full skirt and structure up top…but they had to go and add sleeves. I felt one white apron away from playing Pilgrim #3 in the school musical. I’m sure a great pair of shoes and a glam necklace could have livened it up…but I’m too low-maintenance to make it work.


(9) Rebecca Minkoff Side Zip Regan Tote

MinkhoffToteOh, this bag, this beautiful bag, this beautiful $300 bag. Under other circumstances, I may have been more tempted to keep this bag. But having just spent a pretty penny on a new laptop and it not being my birthday or Christmas, I made the wiser choice and exercised some serious self-control. I’ll be back for you, my pretty.


(10) cupcakes and cashmere Lace Shift Dress

CC Lace ShiftThe was the dress I asked for. I have a minor obsession with my jean jacket, and I thought something like this would be glorious paired with it and some wedges for summer nights. Well, I was wrong. It’s still a SUPER cute dress, but it was a little too slip-like for me. I think something about my body begs for a little more structure and support in certain areas.


(11) 7 For All Mankind Skinny Jeans

7JeansI think every woman can relate. The search for the perfect pair of jeans is a never-ending one. My favorites are dark wash skinnies. So, naturally I was really psyched to see these in my trunk. Unfortunately, these were a bit of a disappointment. When they say skinny, they are not messing around. They were really tight as well as strangely long. No go.


(12) Citizens of Humanity Emerson Slim Boyfriend Jeans Cabrillo

CitizensJeansI didn’t hate these, but the wash was really light. On top of that, with the new job starting soon, I’m more focused on acquiring pieces that are work-appropriate. Meanwhile, these jeans are decidedly meant for the weekend. Perhaps some other time.



(13) Madewell Turntable Stripe Split Neck Tee

MadewellUm…this shirt was okay? It was a super thin (read: super comfy) material, but the shape of it was all wrong for me. Besides being a little too cropped for me, but sleeves made me look like a linebacker – kind of boxy and wide. Not cute. I do like Madewell in general, but this was not for me.



(14) Halogen Zip Pocket V-Neck A-Line Dress

Halogen A-LineThere a lot of things I really likes about this dress. The color is great, and the fit and flare shape is really flattering. So, what’s the problem? The zipper pocket details. I’m sure for many ladies out there, those would have actually been the selling point. Sadly, I am not one of them.



(15) Hinge Lace Contrast Blouse

HingeLaceThree words for you: Dry. Clean. Only. It’s a cute enough shirt, but nothing turns me off quicker than those words on a label. I have some dry clean items, but they are general either for work (blazers and such) or more formal occasions. A casual top just doesn’t seem worth it to me.



And there you have it, folks. If you’ve been using Stitch Fix and are looking to try something new (and more expensive), Trunk Club might be for you. I’ve made the decision to keep them in my back pocket for when I have very specific requests to make (I’m eyeing a trench coat for fall, for example), but it definitely won’t be anything for me on a regular basis…mainly because I’d like my husband not to flip out every time I purchase an item of clothing.

*All item photos courtesy of

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