A Dinosaurs DIY


I’m sorry, what?

When I was little, I remember having homework, sure. But, though my memory has failed me before, I can pretty much guarantee that when I was four no one asked me to make a dinosaur. And yet, that’s exactly what we were asked to do for Miles’ pre-school.

In case you missed the earlier post, I’m not the craftiest person. I am, however, pretty resourceful. And as such, to Pinterest I went!

As usual, I had to sift through a lot of crafts that were beyond my level of ability before I finally found one that I thought we could pull off.


My Inspiration (Play. Party. Plan.)

One trip to Michael’s and we were ready to go.

Dino Foam


It was a two-day project. On day one, we took the foam pieces we purchased and painted them in Miles’ choice of colors – ALL OF THEM!


I tried my best to keep the mess to a minimum. So, we each got two of the six colors, and passed around the pieces until we ended up with this…

Dino Parts

We let the pieces dry overnight. Then, we reconvened to attached them to each other using toothpicks and a little foam glue. Attach a few googly-eyes and use some pipe cleaners creatively to create a tail and spikes, and VOILA!

Ladies and gents, I proudly present to you the one and only Rainbow-A-Saurus.


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