Stitch Fix: May 2016


It’s been a while, but with a big trip around the corner I couldn’t resist potentially adding some new pieces to my wardrobe before the packing began. And so, I scheduled my sixth fix.

As a reminder, Stitch Fix is a pretty great subscription service that sends you five items of clothing (and accessories and shoes) pretty much whenever you’d like. Mine is technically set up to come every other month, but I tend to go in and select the exact dates (usually around special occasions) when I want them. You can select when and how often you get yours (as often as every two weeks, or as rarely as whenever you select the date).

They charge you a $20 styling fee every time they send you a box…but you can use that credit towards any items you choose to keep from the shipment. You can set your desired price point, but the least expensive items I’ve seen still come it at around $50. I’ve still kept at least one item from every fix I’ve received and worn all of them regularly.

I had high hopes for this one after previewing the items online. Here’s how it went…

(1) Market & Spruce Girona Eyelet Detail Top



I was so excited to try this top on! I had seen it online, and love the eyelet detail. It gave me flashbacks to the eyelet top I sadly sent back to Trunk Club recently. Thankfully, I loved it on just as much, and at less than half the price of the Joie top, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me. I mean, I’m pretty sure this shirt means summer’s around the corner. Amiright? Verdict: KEPT

(2) Collective Concepts Lenna Dress




For whatever reason, I don’t gravitate toward this kind of dress, but I thought it was cute and would definitely work with a belt and one of my cardigans or blazers for work. My stylist recommended I try it with my jean jacket and Tory Burch flats (she read my blog!), but it felt like a little too much blue. This one was hard to let go of, but my wallet (and husband) probably wouldn’t have been too pleased with me. Verdict: RETURNED (…but still thinking about it.)

(3) 41Hawthorn Queensland Dolman Jersey Top



I have to be honest, dolman tops kind of confuse me. What is with ALL THAT FABRIC? It kind of feels like I will be trying to take off in flight any minute…but I believe in the process and tried it on anyway. Yeah, no, still don’t get it. With my arms at my sides, it actually looked okay, but I’d be constantly self-conscious about my fabric wings. Verdict: RETURNED

(4) Margaret M Emer Printed Knit Straight Leg Pant



From what I’ve seen online, these pants are the work-appropriate belles of the ball – everyone seems to love them. They were super stretchy pull-ups, which I was not expecting, and as comfortable as everyone says they are. But since I recently bought a similar enough pair of pants on my own, I decided to send these back. Verdict: RETURNED


(5) Andrew Marc Ourenia Cargo Rain Jacket



I temporarily gave up on my quest for the perfect leather jacket in favor of something more appropriate for my aforementioned trip. Ladies and gentlemen, my stylist nailed it. If you’re wondering what I’ll look like on my upcoming trip, this is pretty much it. The jacket is a cute, pale khaki color, and it’s waterproof. Verdict: KEPT

And there you have it, folks – another fun afternoon of trying on clothes that someone else picked out for me. I think I’ll schedule my next fix to come as an early birthday present to myself (in July). I’m still trying to bulk up my work wardrobe for the new gig, but my credit card is a little mad at me right now…

In the mean time, give it a shot! If you’re a busy lady, being able to try things on and shop from the comfort of your own home is pretty great. Thanks for another fun Stitch Fix!

2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix: May 2016

  1. cheaperbythedozen says:

    Love the first top on you. Those dolman tops are some of the ugliest tops I’ve seen! I’ve yet to get one in a fix…hopefully I never will 🙂 Check out my fix reviews at cheaperbythedozens. Happy Fixin’

    • Cristina says:

      Seriously, why?! And thanks, I have already worn that white top three times. I will check out your reviews, thanks! Have a great holiday weekend!

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