Schedules, Projects & Lists – Oh My!


If there’s one thing I really love doing it’s making plans. I tend to be more of a pen and paper kind of gal, so there’s always a notebook in my bag filled with random ideas and lists.

This isn’t a recent development either. It’s normal for kids to play school, right? Well, is it normal for a kid to ask for a pull down map and have classroom furniture catalogs sent to them? Because that’s what I did – along with sketching a floor plan of my imaginary classroom and figuring out how much I’d have to spend on all the supplies I would need.

Every kid dreams of a Disney vacation! But does every kid call and ask for the brochures and proceed to make a detailed itinerary (including hotel and dining reservations) and budget to go along with the daydream? No? Just me?

Even now, I get really excited whenever someone seeks out my help for planning anything – whether it’s a small dinner party or a two-week vacation. And I get really REALLY excited if I need to make any plans for myself. Heck, even putting my grocery list in an order that matches the layout of the supermarket I’m going to gives me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

A couple of my prouder organizational moments:

(1) My Sister’s 1st Trip to Europe
EuroTripMy sister and I are not at all alike in the planning department. So, while she was really excited when she decided to take her first trip overseas with her boyfriend, she was also really overwhelmed by everything that went with it. Enter: me. I made her the prettiest itinerary, which included all her flight/train/hotel info, plus suggested restaurants and attractions for each day (grouped geographically, obviously).

(2) So…This Happened


As I’ve mentioned before, I had the pleasure of working on a web series with a friend not too long ago. That friend is great, the epitome of an artist…so many fun, great ideas, but unfortunately not always the best follow-through. It was so gratifying to help make her vision a reality! I managed all the actors schedules and stayed on her about deadlines. In the end we put out 40 really fun episodes…that you should watch immediately, if you haven’t already. Amazing New York Times bestselling book coming at you any day now!

(3) Our First Family Trip to Walt Disney World

2014-11-12 14.11.32

I planned for well over a year for the first time that I took my son to Walt Disney World. My husband and I had been there together several times, but I knew I wanted to make this trip extra magical since it would be my son’s first time. I asked for Disney gift cards for every holiday in the year preceding the trip. And I was definitely one of those crazy parents who woke up at dawn to make dining and FastPass+ reservations exactly 120/90 days before we arrived.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make this sort of thing my job. In my current position, I oversee my department’s budget. So, that’s definitely a step in the right direction!

But if you have anything else you need help planning out, I’m your lady!

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