Stitch Fix: July 2016


Happy Birthday to ME!

My husband and I are starting to get serious about saving to buy a house. The thought of saving up upwards of $20,000 is scary; the thought of then handing over those $20,000 in one fell swoop is even scarier. In any case, to do my part to save up our pennies, I’ve decided to put a hold on most extra purchases…including my regular frou-frou Starbucks order and, yes, new clothes.

BUT since it was just my birthday, I decided to go out with a bang, or in this case, a fix.

As a reminder, Stitch Fix is a pretty great subscription service that sends you five items of clothing (and accessories and shoes) pretty much whenever you’d like. You can select when and how often you get yours (as often as every two weeks, or as rarely as whenever you select the date).

You can complete a fairly detailed style profile, as well as leave notes for your stylist if you’re looking for something in particular. They then charge you a $20 styling fee every time they send you a box, which you can use towards any items you choose to keep from the shipment. I’ve kept at least one item from every fix I’ve received, which I think is pretty successful. This will sadly be my last one for a little while.

For this particular fix, I resumed the search for that perfect leather jacket, as well as asked for more work-appropriate clothes and shoes – with mixed success.

(1) Renee C: Zalia Knit Dress


I always check on the items online as soon as I get the alert that my fix has shipped. When I saw this dress, I really couldn’t decide how I felt about it. I didn’t initially love the pattern (it grew on me), and I was hesitant about the elastic waist.


Well, surprise, surprise. It’s amazing what wonders adding a belt can do – ladies, take note. The dress ended up being really comfortable (thank you, elastic waist), with a high enough neck that I don’t have to constantly mess with it. Plus, I can be easily dressed up enough for work or down enough for a casual lunch with friends.

Verdict: KEPT

(2) BC Footwear: Thrilled T-Strap Wedge


I basically live in ballet flats for work. While most of the actual work day is spent at my desk, I cannot say the same for my commute – which adds up to almost a mile of walking each way. And though I wish I was one of those women who could strut around in heels all day, I am not. So, I asked for comfy work shoes: cute flats, bright colors, wedges.


These are technically right in there, but aren’t quite my style. My husband disagrees, but I think they look like a shoe my mom would wear. And while I know I’m getting older (I’m officially closer to 40 than 30 – eek!), I’m still not ready to share clothes with mom. They’re comfortable and even pretty cute, but I can’t.


(3) RD Style: Rhonda Faux Leather Jacket


This is attempt number three at a leather jacket. The picture above is just okay, but I found some others on Pinterest that got me really excited to try this one on. In fact, my favorite stylist pointed out in her note to me that I had actually pinned this exact jacket in another color.


We’re definitely getting warmer, but we’re not quite there. The sleeves were a little bit long, and it had these stretchy panels on the sleeves and along the sides. That helps make the jacket quite comfy, but it’s not the look I’m going for.


(4) Gilli: Anwen Jersey Dress


Meh. When I scrolled to the picture of this dress, I really didn’t think much of anything. The pattern is fine, the cut is fine, it was all just fine. I was looking forward to trying it on though, since jersey dress usually equals super comfortable dress.


Well…no. In the picture, it looks like a black dress with big white polka dots, but up close the black looks more like little pixelated bugs. I actually really liked how the top fit me; this wrap style doesn’t usually work well with my boobs. But the seam that I think is supposed to fall at the waist ended up much higher on me for some reason. Swing and a miss!


(5) 41Hawthorn: Astrid Tie Neck Blouse


How can I describe this shirt? It’s as though my stylist went into my closet and combined a few shirts that I already have…and I’m not mad about it. I think a tie neck blouse makes for adorable work-wear, and it goes just as well with a black pencil skirt as with a good pair of jeans. I knew that if nothing else in this fix worked, this shirt would.


And it did. BUT, keeping that budget in mind, I opted for the dress over this shirt. Like I said, I actually have a couple of shirts in this same style…that I bought for about $20. Plus, the tag suggests hand-washing, and well, let’s be real. Not gonna happen. If money weren’t an issue, it would have been a keeper. Look at me, being all disciplined and such!


If you’ve ever considered it, I highly recommend giving Stitch Fix a shot. You can cancel or reschedule your boxes to fit your lifestyle, and each box is only $20…that goes toward any items you decide to keep. It’s really a pretty sweet deal, especially for ladies who find themselves too busy (or just too uninterested) to shop for themselves. DO IT!

To my favorite stylist, Blair: I have to take a break. It’s not you; it’s me. Don’t worry. I’ll be back…probably in the fall. Miss you already!


One thought on “Stitch Fix: July 2016

  1. bblessitt says:

    This was a great batch for you! I agree with David on the shoes, I think they’re super cute! That’s the in thing! I’m doing Dia&Co now, which is the plus sized equivalent to Stitch Fix. I’m not having as much luck, though this box I kept 3 out of 5.

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