Shows Over Bros


In the 50’s, everyone watched I Love Lucy. The 70’s had Happy Days and M*A*S*H. The 90’s? Friends and Seinfeld. But beyond those decade defining shows is an entire subset of other just as significant shows – the shows of the NEXT generation.

Who didn’t get excited watching Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper’s first kiss on The Wonder Years? Who wasn’t rooting for Donna Martin and David Silver on the original Beverly Hills, 90210? Who didn’t air high-five Angela Chase when she walked away from Jordan Catalano (but also swoon the first time they held hands in the hall) on My So-Called Life?


For me, two of those defining shows were Dawson’s Creek and Felicity. And sandwiched right in the middle? One Tree Hill.




I am currently a recovering TV-aholic. I try REALLY hard to limit the new shows I add to my watch list to make sure I still have time for silly things like books and my family. But some classics are just worth revisiting.

One day, my friend Liz and I decided that – though I think neither of us actually made it all the way through the original run – we would re-watch One Tree Hill together. She’s an avid TV-watcher and self-proclaimed nerd, and together this little for-fun thing evolved into a whole project…and man, do we love projects!

We’ll probably get to all the shows listed above and then some, but we’re starting with this teen drama that follows the lives of two half-brothers and the people around them in their small North Carolina town through high school and into young adulthood.

So, twice a week – Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10pm Eastern – we’ll be pressing play, re-watching this little gem, and sharing our thoughts via Twitter. You wanna?

If you watched One Tree Hill and loved it (or hated it! We’re up for a good debate.) or you never watched it but always wanted to, what better time to watch (or re-watch) than now and with us!?

We kick everything off TONIGHT with the pilot episode (available on Netflix)!

@CFFowler (That’s me!)
@NerdintheCity (That’s Liz)

We’ll be logging on and pressing play at 10pm tonight. Hope to “see” you there!


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